All is Fair in Love and Gardening

Michael Pollen writes in his book, Second Nature, “It is gardening that gives most of us our most direct and intimate experience with nature – of its satisfactions, fragility, and power.”

Last week, Bloomington and the Bryan House Gardens got a taste of nature’s power. In addition to rabbits dining on the green curled endive lettuce, the garden suffered from a series of severe storms that rocked the midwest.

Fortunately, it appears the rabbits caused the worst damage. While the storms took down trees on campus and across the city, the Bryan House Garden was merely showered with small limbs.

Our wooden planters, painted by the members of the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club come the closest to getting damaged. The large limb that fell near two of the boxes happened to narrowly miss them both! If you look closely, you can see the bright green leaves of the bush beans growing in the planters among the tree damage in the picture to the right…what luck!

Tonight, volunteers will gather at the garden to rescue those planters, clear limbs, and continue to create sustainable, beautiful, and edible garden. Join us from 6-8pm!


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