Dirty Dishwater

Did you know that dish soap and dirty dishes combine to make something very important for an organic garden? They do!

Soapy water — as long as it contains natural soap, free of dyes and perfumes — can be sprayed on the leaves of plants to remove pests without altering the plant or the soil in which it grows.

Creating this soapy water is quite simple — wash your dishes! If you wash your dirty dishes using a safe soap, you can simply fill a spray bottle with the water that remains in your sink after all of your dishes are washed. This water, often called gray water or recycled water, works just as well as tap water mixed with soap! Why make up a fresh batch when you already have some sitting in your sink?

Want to see this simple technique in action? Come to the garden work day Wednesday from 6 to 8 pm!

EDIT:  Due to the inclement weather, the Bryan House Garden work day has been moved to  THURSDAY, JUNE 16 from 4 TO 6 PM. This change is effective for this week only.


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