The Harvest Begins!

Twelve pounds of produce have been harvested from the Bryan House Garden so far this season! From mustard greens in early June to radishes and arugula later in the month, the garden has already provided a lot of fresh produce for our volunteers to enjoy.

The first 2.5 pounds of produce were harvested by some students from The Prep School Academy! The students helped harvest, wash, and rubber band mature mustard green plants. They also replanted some mustard greens seeds that will be ready in 35-40 days for another harvest!

Since then, volunteers have helped harvest 3.5 lbs of arugula and 6 lbs of radishes.

All of these vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked to make many delicious dishes. Stay tuned to hear how our volunteers are using the produce they take home!

Don’t miss out on getting your share of fresh garden produce — just show up at our weekly volunteer days on Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:00 pm and lend a hand!


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