We have worms!

Last week, the Bryan House Garden added another feature to its 900 square feet of growing space: a vermicomposting system, or worm bin!

The worm bin at the Bryan House Garden.

Made out of reused plastic containers, the worm bin houses earthworms that break food scraps down into organic matter and compost tea. Both the organic matter (sometimes called worm castings) and the compost tea (the liquid component of the worms’ waste) can be used to facilitate plant growth in an organic garden.

Compost tea collected from the worm bin.

Not only will this worm bin create helpful amendments for the garden, but the bin will also prevent most food waste from going to the landfill. Earthworms can break down breads and grains, cereal, coffee grounds and filters, fruits, tea bags, and vegetables.

Come check out the worm bin at the Bryan House Garden or learn how to build your own!

Garden volunteer, Julia waters tomatoes with compost tea.


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