Summer Gardening

We’ve now completed our first two weeks of summer garden hours, and they’ve been a busy two weeks! Thanks to our volunteers, we mulched and weeded some of the beds, planted pepper seeds in the greenhouse, transplanted dill, basil, and parsley, planted zucchini and sunflower seeds, and harvested radishes and lettuces. We also inter-planted okra seeds among the lettuce beds  in the hope that the okra will be able to shade the lettuces during the height of summer.  And the busyness continues! Tomorrow we will be planting onions and potatoes and possibly beans as well. Come join us from 5-7 PM at Hilltop Garden and Nature Center.

Also, if you’re interested in becoming extra-involved in the garden, check out our Garden Leader Program  or email about taking a watering shift (or do both!)

Finally, we now have a Facebook page!

Hope to see you in the garden!

Transplanting dill and parsley early in the morning helps the plants to be less shocked by the transplant process.


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