Gourd Mania!

Greetings! This is Berea, one of the new members of the IU Campus Garden. During a recent workday, one of the volunteers admired the gourds hanging off of the wooden walkway. He posed the question of whether or not these gourds—which are usually reserved for fall decorations—are edible. We both concluded that surely gourds are eaten in some cultures if they still exist today. So, upon returning home from the gardening session, I began to research the history and use of gourds.
Most gourds are in fact not edible. They are traditionally used for bowls, instruments (like the berimbau in Brazil), and autumnal centerpieces at Thanksgiving. These gourds are usually large and green on the vine. The very few gourds that are edible tend to be smaller. Examples of edible gourds are the luffa gourd and the bottle gourd. It is best to eat gourds while they are still green and ripe; they are said to have a zucchini-like flavor.
To cook a gourd, remove the skin with a vegetable peeler and scoop out the inside as you would to a cantaloupe. It is most common to slice the gourd into cubes and boil, however they can be grilled or even sautéed with wok. Gourd is featured in many Asian cuisines or can be cooked in an Indian curry. Lastly, gourds are extremely healthy! They are low in calories and carbohydrates and high in fiber.
In preparation of Halloween, gourd decorations are necessary!


One response to “Gourd Mania!

  1. WOW….this gourd recipe changed my life!!!

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