It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

And that would be, of course, the summer growing season.  

What, you want to argue me?  Say there’s better times in the calendar year?  No, no, you’re wrong.  What’s better than watering plants and yourself simultaneously?  What’s happier than pulling radishes from the ground and popping tomatoes into your mouth as you work?  What’s more satisfying than finally tackling that thistle?  And what’s greater than getting to share the experience with others, some who’ve been growing for years and others who still flinch at worms (it’s okay, we’ve all been there)?

Which is why, dear friends, I invite you to share in the delight of our new summer workdays, held on Tuesday evenings from 5-7 and on Friday mornings from 9-11.  We at the campus gardens want you, too, to feel the joy in removing dirt from your fingernails and debris from your hair, and to give up on showering because really, is it worth it?  So please join, and together, we’ll grow and eat and be happy.

PS Just kidding about the showering.


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