Things Look (too?) Nice

If you haven’t been out to the garden yet, you should.  Things look nice.  We’ve got tomatoes planted and caged, cucumbers and squash planted neatly along the fence, and sunflowers starting to pop up along the pathways.  There are nice rows of neat peppers and late Brassica, and thanks to loads of volunteers, weeds are finally being tackled, inch by inch and thistle by thistle.


But is it too nice?  Is it too neat for a garden?  Although organization and cleanliness are certainly appealing, permaculture practices encourage a bit of chaos, an ounce of madness, and a few unidentifiable plants popping up, and I’m starting to get a bit concerned with the current state of our garden.  We might need more wildflowers for pollinator attraction, a bit more inter-planting to discourage pests and disease, and just a little bit more mayhem.

And so while I’m proud of the garden and the hard work we’ve put into getting it to its current cleanly state, we might just need to go in there and mess things up a little bit.  And for this, I’m sort of excited.


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