Volunteers, we love you!

Friday morning, I arrived to the garden early to do a little bit of weeding prior to the start of the actual workday.  I sat and worked, enjoying the cool breeze, pulling pesky (and prospering!) weeds one by one from the lettuce bed.  When I finally finished, I looked first with pride at the weedless bed and then with dismay at my watch, realizing forty minutes had passed.  Forty minutes to weed one bed!  Forty-eight beds, one person weeding, forty minutes per bed…1,920 minutes (or 32 hours!).  Heartbreaking.

Fortunately, my bouncing group of ten UIFI volunteers arrived shortly after, and we all got to work in the garden, mulching, weeding, and planting.  Two hours later, I looked around, again fully inspired.  In two hours, these ten individuals had transformed our garden back into a place of vibrant growth and health, and I no longer wanted to cry.

There is power in numbers, there is beauty in volunteers, and we appreciate you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you all for showing up in the garden and making it what it is, because without your help, it would be a very different (and much uglier…) place.


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