I love water.  I love swimming in it and diving into it and drinking it heartily.  I love using it to wash the dirt off of my feet, and I love pouring it onto plants that need it.  I love seeing how it has transformed our watermelon and our celery, how the kale continues to flourish into the late summer months and the tomatillos are expanding mightily.

But despite this love of water, I’m starting to see it’s negative effects.  The cucumbers have a bacteria and the squash are wilting from a fungus; the potatoes are rotting and others are just dying.  Some of the plants have yellowing leaves, a confusing sign of both underwatering AND overwatering.  Hm.

I guess, as is typical with gardening, everything can be seen for both its bad and its good–pests and sunlight and heat and, it turns out water.  So we’ll let some things flourish and some things falter, keeping our fingers crossed for a little bit of moderation and accepting these times of imbalance.  But maybe, unlike last summer, we’ll hold off on the rain dancing for a little bit…


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