And then, we harvest.

I don’t know if you’ve been out to the garden, but harvest has been a bit…slow.

It isn’t bad, or anything.  We’ve had our fair share of greens (kale and spinach and chard and mustard and ohgoodness lots and lots of green).  We’ve had a good amount of radishes and quite a few beets.  And let’s not even talk about garlic.  But…the melons.  And the cucumbers.  And the squash.  And the tomatoes.  They just weren’t comin’.

But one day, a few weeks ago, it happened.  I took my morning stroll through the garden, and I spotted one–one teeny tiny patty pan squash, peeking through the vines and calling my name.  And then I saw another one.  And with my shears, I plucked them, shared them, and was filled with immense joy.

patty pan

Ever since, things have been happening.  We’ve had a number of squash from a bajillion varieties, we’ve popped cherry tomatoes from the vine into our mouths, and we’ve even seen a cucumber or two.  Watermelons (I repeat, WATERMELONS) are growing on the plant’s many limbs, and our huge (massive, ginormous, gloriously impressive) heirloom tomatoes and starting to ripen.  We’re harvesting, and we’re eating, big time.

So please, please, please join us, explore with us, harvest with us, and you’ll get to taste incredible fresh produce.  That’s what it’s all about, right?


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