Green Thumbin’ It

IMG_3989 IMG_3993 IMG_4270When I tell my friends that I’m headed to the garden, they usually get this puzzled look on their faces not realizing that IU even had one. Well, they DO, and it’s AWESOME. Luckily, I fell upon this special gem in my attempt to find a place where sustainability and healthy lifestyles are celebrated.  Just being in Bloomington, it’s clear that this community is passionate about living in a conscious manner. Even though I didn’t know much about gardening before I joined gardencorps, I knew that just by being present at the garden I’d be able to learn. I’ve only been going for a short period, but I love it. I feel like my time at Hilltop is a positive energy booster. When I’m picking weeds or harvesting, I get the opportunity to just “be” ….It’s such a calming sensation. I love listening to the birds, and I love feeling the sun on my skin. Not only that, but I’ve met some really cool people too. I always find it interesting to discover the motives of why people garden. Some have to do it for class; others love eating fresh produce, while others like the chill company. No matter the reason, the Hilltop Garden has a place for you. Just beginning to form my green thumb, I’m excited to see where this takes me.

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Coleen Gaughan, sophomore


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