LOVE our garden!

LOVE our garden!

I found these baby tomatoes in the garden office on the first day I got there, and I was fully moved at that time! Such a gift of nature! I posted this photo on Wechat(one of the Chinese social network site), I got tons likes! Felt pretty proud of our garden even if that is the first time I was in the garden and know that there is even a garden on campus! To be honest, I feel like each of us who are being spoiled are taking our daily food into granted, we even don’t think that much we we see glorious food. Our garden provides me knowledge of how vegetables are planted and how they like to grow. But since I am such a infant in this area, sometimes I got fall behind a bit…especially i have to remember all the English names of the veges! but I still love the garden, and I have met 5 fantastic girls who are so nice! I feel people who love nature are real people and always have cute personalities!
I think it was the Tuesday before last week, all the plants are died, and everything need to be taken out that day. When I took out the spinach out of the shelf, while I was sad, I even thought this is just the nature of the world. Everything comes and goes, we receive their beautifulness while we get the chance to see them at that time point.
Enjoy the gift of nature, and belong to the soil. 🙂

Lei Ma


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