a power game

Knowledge is power. Yea, we’ve heard that one before. In a time where Google search has become our best friend, knowledge about almost anything seems to be within reach. However, though I firmly believe that this cliché utters Truth (it deserves a capital T), I am finally questioning what kind of power. An openness to learning is one of the most beautiful gifts people can give themselves. The development of the mind really can cause unique opportunities and experiences to occur. For me, when I hear this cliché, I think of the ways I have changed due to exposure to information and the astonishing ideas and people I have experienced. It’s awesome. Unfortunately, there are other powers in the world that triumph a better informed mind. Since the beginning of the semester, I have been watching documentaries about the agricultural system in the United States. Though I have only watched a few, the power of money seems to be a main concern. Even though all of these documentaries are full of facts and imagery showing the devastating impacts of the food industry, the power from these large corporations are immense. The knowledge of climate change, diseases, animal cruelty are all there, yet profit overrides these issues more often than not. Fortunately, I am an idealistic type of person, and I live to be hopeful. I can see that people do want a change and are starting to change behavior to avoid contributing to the processed, inhumane products. For instance, though I was raised eating meat probably more than once a day. I never thought I would stop eating meat, but after learning about the reality of the food industry, I started being pescatarian two years ago. Now, I’ve been vegan since the new year! Therefore, though the power of money and overbearing mainstream ideals are there, people can’t change if they don’t know about it. Even though it seems unchangeable, I say keep the documentaries coming. 


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