A Garden Corps Valentine’s

We’ve managed to stay busy in this awful weather planning for the garden, starting seedlings, and among other things, making beautiful, original, garden-themed Valentine’s Day cards for friends and acquaintances. We are lucky enough to have members endowed with the natural talent of coining heartfelt and sometimes sassy garden-themed greetings, jingles, and catchphrases. And apparently, fruits, vegetables and herbs lend themselves all too well to this purpose. Wondering how mere produce could possibly inspire such romanticism? Well, try these on for size!

“Dill you be mine?”

“Lettuce never be apart.”

“Rosemary me?”

“You look radish-ing tonight.”

“I wanna chive with you.”

“You look gourd-geous tonight.”

“Why mustard we be apart?”

“Thyme after thyme…”

Among many, many others, these were a few Garden Corps originals we celebrated the holiday with.  Image

Hoping you all stay warm until springtime!



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