The Hives have Arrived!

Hives: a reaction caused by my Bee Fever! 

I ordered two medium super hive kits from Kelley Beekeeping, and they arrived on Tuesday! I had to treat the wood so it will last forever (but not the inside, that will irritate the bees). I wanted to do this well in advance, so that there is no smell of the treatment when the bees arrive. 

First, I did a pre stain. The first coat was one part boiled linseed oil, one part turpentine, with 2 tablespoons of Penetrol. The second coat was two parts boiled linseed oil, one part turpentine, and 2 tablespoons of Penetrol. These two coats were designed to penetrate the wood, so the stain would be able to sink deep into the wood. 

Second, I used a Eco-Friendly stain ordered from Kelley Beekeeping. This was a powder substance that mixes with water. After applying the stain the wood darkened quite a bit! 

I did each coat on a different day, to give the hives plenty of time to dry. My dad will be assembling the boxes (he doesn’t work and could use a project) and will be installing them at Hilltop in a couple weeks! Then we just wait for the bees! Stay tuned! Image


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