Much ado about the garden

Much to do in the garden! With the great weather we’ve had, we’ve been able to plant and transplant a good deal in the past few weeks. Our Friday workdays have been very productive. We now have a plethora of leafy greens sowed and transplanted including (but not limited to), kale, lettuces, spinach (ayee), arugula (astro), and chard. I am always surprised when I go to the hoophouse to see how productive it is! Swiss chard and bib lettuce galore!

It has been so rewarding to see students come out to volunteer and learn about nutrition and ecological gardening practices. We have transplanted celery which is looking great! There is a single mammoth celery that had been started in the greenhouse earlier this spring that is now looking quite happy out in the newly redesigned garden with its smaller (but not lesser!) companions. Turnips and carrots have been sowed. Chives and onions also looking quite happy.

Lastly, the plants I have been most excited about are the herbs we transplanted into the garden over the past two weeks. Thyme and oregano are sharing a bed. And miraculously, there is enough lavender from the greenhouse the fill its own bed! Hopefully as these tiny plants mature, they can help ward of pests and insects throughout the growing season. But more importantly, be delicious and aromatic!


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