Edible Campus Committee

The Edible Campus Steering Committee is jointly commissioned by Hilltop Garden and Nature Center and the IU Office of Sustainability and composed of faculty, staff and students with a commitment to supporting the IU Campus Garden Initiative.  As deemed necessary by the 2011 Designing an Edible Campus Series, Committee members are charged with utilizing the expertise of campus and community stakeholders, to develop academic and community outreach opportunities and volunteer programming in support of edible gardening spaces that enhance the historical character of the IU Bloomington campus.

The 27 Edible Campus Steering Committee members meet monthly and focus on addressing the following objectives:

Food Production

  • To create edible gardening spaces that focus on the sustainable cultivation of local and heirloom varieties of vegetables and herbs.
  • To promote dining options for students, staff, and faculty that utilize food produced on campus.

 Academic Initiatives

  • To create academic research, coursework, service learning, and community outreach opportunities at all edible gardening spaces.

Volunteer Engagement

  • To create a volunteer infrastructure capable of sustaining edible gardening spaces and engaging individuals in a non-curricular manner.

Land Use

  • To facilitate the adoption of environmentally sensitive land-use practices at all edible gardening spaces that engage the historical character of the campus.

Built Environment

  • To facilitate the integration of edible gardening spaces with the built environment of the campus as to not diminish its utility but enhance its efficiency.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Edible Campus Steering Committee, please send an email to edible@indiana.edu.

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